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Combine your Suka radiators with Solar PV arrays to heat at zero cost. Suka heating now offer this option from our Bristol office. Together with our control systems and Oso hotwater cylinders, we welcome you to a home heating without mains gas and carbon poisoning. See what some clients say about us here


3 heater package with built-in controllers

3 pack  special offer


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SU61/16 with RF temperature controller


SU61/16 with plug-in controller

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Süka electric heaters can operate at low running costs on off-peak tariff  when properly installed. They are also cost effective on standard  tariff.  Suka  heaters are not like night storage heaters. They are better and cheaper to run because of their low wattage, modularity and controllability. You can  even combine them with Solar PV and run a cost neutral heating system. Easily plugged into 13 amp sockets or hard-wired into ring mains.

Yes. Replacing old night storage or under floor electric heaters is that easy. The price of a good heater should be painless. You reap the benefits of lower running cost and long term reliability. Cheap heaters will still work, but who bears the cost of poor performance, unreliable warranties and expensive bills? YOU!  Choose Süka eco-friendly low energy heaters. Your answers to good durable German-made electric heating

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