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Suka heating control systems are mainly from Alre IT GmbH of Berlin, Germany. They detail the range of Wired, Wireless, Zoned and accessories available to support heating installations, including RF Heating Control Packs with a timer and thermostat, and the multi-zone controller.

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Radio room clock digital thermostat
Radio room clock digital thermostat


Price: £135.20

(Including tax)


Electric integrated controller
Built-in manual dial controller for Suka heaters


Price: £96.30

(Including tax)


Electric integrated radio receiver
Suka built-in Radio Thermostatic Reciever

CODE: HTFRE-010.101/01

Price: £117.60

(Including tax)


Electronic plug in thermostat
Easy Electronic plug in thermostat


Price: £24.99

(Including tax)


eco controller
ECO select radio controlled room thermostat - BERLIN 2000

CODE: eco-FTRFB-080

Price: £155.00

(Including tax)


Room temperature radio sensor

CODE: Sen-HTFRB-010101

Price: £101.60

(Including tax)


Radio room temperature controller with clock
Economy Radio frequency room thermostat with clock - BERLIN 3000 Design

CODE: FT-SU180.119


Easy Plug in Radio receiver

CODE: plug-in HTFRA

Price: £85.00

(Including tax)


Heating controller
Eco Slimline Radio controlled room thermostat - BERLIN 1000 extra slim design

CODE: slim-FTRFB-280

Price: £112.00

(Including tax)


Multi Channel Radio controlled room temperature regulator


Price: £464.00

(Including tax)


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