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Suka Electrical Storage Radiator SU61/16 1.6KW with Side Panel Controller


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CODE: Sueka Electric Heater SU61/1600

Price: £580.00 (Including tax)

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The SU61/1600 is our best selling heater. It is a "fit all" radiator. Most standard rooms in Britain and Ireland are built for the SU61/1.6kW to heat them up! Like the SU61/1500, this radiator would heat up a room of about 40 cubic metre volume in 15 minutes. It is radiator of choice. Stylistic, versatile, portable and just simply economical. You'll find it in many hotel rooms, offices, student flats, residential homes, mansions, and all sorts of top quality homes. As low energy heating system, most housing associations and local authorities love it. You should love it too!

Technical details

67.7cm wide
61cm long
7.4cm deep
weighs 28kg
5.2kWh thermal capacity
4.9m² surface area
4-level thermal safety overheat
56 surrounding ribs


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