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Suka Electrical Storage Radiator SU61/10 1.0KW with Side Panel Controller


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CODE: Sueka Electric Heater SU61/1000

Price: £580.00 (Including tax)

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The SUKA SU61/10 is perfect for the average sized bedroom, office, bathroom, or conservatory, because of its energy-efficiency. Only 1000 watts of electricity in capacity and yet a little less than quarter of that would be used in any 1 hour, meaning no one's electric bills are going to suffer! This makes the absolute best winter gift for a friend, family member, or co-worker as the SU61/10 heater is useful and practical, not to mention much appreciated by anyone who has one! Order your own SU61/10 today

67.7cm wide
61cm long
7.4cm deep
weighs 28kg
5.2kWh thermal capacity
4.9m² surface area
4-level thermal safety overheat
56 surrounding ribs


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