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Economy Radio frequency room thermostat with clock - BERLIN 3000 Design

Radio room temperature controller with clock

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CODE: FT-SU180.119

Price: £135.00 (Including tax)

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Room temperature radio sensor for recording temperature in homes, offices and hotel areas. 

This top quality room clock thermostat gives you even more control over your heating system and save you more money. With this device, you can now literally tell your heating system when to come on and at what temperature level while you go out shopping.

Are you travelling on holidays?  Simply set the date you are returning and at what time the heater should be switched on before you arrive; and you would return to a cosy comfortable room.

  • It can control several heaters within one large room or hall as Plymouth Argyle's Pyramid Suite currently does from Sueka.
  • It can also act as a Master to the other various controllers (slaves) on offer here and thus operate Suka heaters as a central heating system.

Ask for details and options available.

Technical info.

  • Adaptor plate available as option - JZ-18.
  • Operating voltage: 3 x Micro AAA, 1.5 V / 1100 mAh batteries
  • Setting range: 5 … 30 °C
  • Transmitter frequency: 868.3 MHz
  • Range: 150 m line of sight. Or approx. 30 m in buildings with a minimum of 1 reinforced concrete floor / wall or 3 brick walls.
  • LED: “Learn mode / Battery SOC display“


  • Easy to use thanks to its direct dial “ON / OFF“ button,
  • Holiday, party and ECO heating mode setting,
  • Information call up to display all settings
  • Temperature setting knob with °C scale.
  • Automatic temperature / time display °C or °F (Fahrenheit).
  • Summer / Winter time switchover,
  • Childproof mechanism,
  • Valve protection and automatic learning mode can be deactivated.
  • Range limiter,
  • Berlin 3000 casing

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