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Multi Channel Radio controlled room temperature regulator

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Price: £464.00 (Including tax)

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Multi channel radio controlled-temperature regulator for installing in the heating circuit distributor

Operating voltage: 230 V ~ / 50 Hz

Switching differential: approx 0.5 K (room temperature)

Transmitter frequency: 868.3 MHz

Antenna: Integrated as a coax antenna in the heating circuit distributor strips. Can be fed out from strip and terminal if needed (can be laid under wallpaper - Ø 1,1 mm)

Display: 3-colour lamp per receiving channel

application: Heating, 4 or 8 relay NO contact 5 (1) A, max. 4 actuators directly connected per heating circuit (max total16 or 32 actuators), including pump module,

Protection class: IP 65,

Functions: max. 4 or 8  time zones possible (i.e. up to 4 or 8  transmitters with clock can be connected), Master Slave mode, backup operation, averaging (up to 8 transmitters per channel for teaching + 1 transmitter for Master Slave mode), Status display of the radio connection for each channel

Type: HTFRD-214.140 (4 channel), HTFRD-316.125 (8 channel), further versions available on request

Accessories JZ-24 Magnetic fixing set for the housing


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