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Affiliate Policy

SUEKA's Affiliate Policy

Affiliate Policy If you are interested in becoming a SUEKA affiliate the best thing to do is to contact us directly on phone or through the dedicated email joinus(at) We'll need to ask you a few simple questions to make sure that the affiliation is tailored to your needs.

Sueka's Affiliate Commission structure Commission rates are structured into revenue bands. The highest applicable rate of commission is paid on the value of all of the sales made during a month.

For example:

Affiliate Commission Structure
Value of sales Commission paid
Month 1 = £600 £72 (£600 x 12%)
Month 2 = £1,500 £210 (£1,500 x 14%)
Sales per month Commission paid
Up to £500 10%
£501 - £1000 12%
£1001 - £2000 14%
£2001 - £5000 15%
£5000+ 16%

Terms & Conditions

Use of the SUKA Brand

SUKA is a well known brand, trusted throughout Europe for its high quality German engineering and integrity. In order to prevent any negative impact which could be caused through fraudulent or misleading activity, we request that all SUKA Affiliates adhere to the following terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these may result in removal from the SUKA Affiliate Scheme.

1. No affiliate is to adopt the SUKA brand in any way shape or form, nor pass themselves, or their organisation off as SUKA, or as a division or part of the SUKA Group without prior approval from SUKA.

2. It must be clear to users that affiliate website using SUKA brand are third party sites – not owned or operated by SUKA. Affiliates must clearly state who they are (this means the name that is registered with the SUKA system) and that they are an authorised affiliate of SUKA Heating Systems. All marketing of SUKA heatersand other products must be within the affiliate’s own website.

3. Affiliates are not permitted to use the SUKA name or SUKA logo, or any trademarks or trade names registered to SUKA (or any device confusingly similar) in the header of any website or email communication, except those communications provided by SUKA as part of the affiliate scheme marketing collateral.

4. Affiliates must not use the SUKA name or SUKA logo to sell other services that they may have in their portfolio. The SUKA brand must only be used to sell SUKA heaters and associated Sueka products.

5. Affiliates may not use the SUKA logo in a sentence in place of the letters SUKA; the normal typeface should be used e.g.: “An authorized affiliate of SUKA heating systems”. When using the SUKA acronym, all 4 or 5 letters must be capitalized. When referring to a SUKA product, all pretext used must be SU not SUKA or SUEKA.

6. Only affiliates authorised by SUKA are allowed to bid on SUKA brand terms. Bidding is prohibited by all other affiliates through all paid search engines on the brand names SUKA, SUEKA heaters, SUKA heating systems or any phrases containing these names, or phrases which could be interpreted as such. This includes misspellings and variations of these brand terms.

7. Affiliates who have been given permission to bid on SUKA brand terms may not use any SUKA Top Level Domain URL in their listings. i.e.,,, or any variant thereof, including misspellings. Affiliates may use, for example,

8. Those affiliates who do not have permission to bid on SUKA brand terms must ensure that they put a negative match on the term ‘SUKA’ in all search engines to prevent broadmatched listings appearing. The SUKA brand term, or any phrases containing the brand term SUKA or that could be interpreted as such, must not be used in ad text. This includes misspellings and variations of these brand terms.

Should you require any further information or guidance, please contact your SUEKA ACCOUNT MANAGER.

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