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Suka 3 electric heater pack special offer package with built-in controllers

3 pack  special offer

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CODE: SU61/3 pack IT

Price: £1,595.00 (Including tax)

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Typically for one or two bed room house/ flat. These three radiators would be for a bedroom, a living room or kitchen/diner, and a bathroom or hallway

1 or 2 of 0.5kW or 0.8kW,and
1 or 2 of 1.0kW or 1.6kW

These combination of heaters provide optimum source of warmth at a fraction of the usage cost. And we believe that payback would be within 18 months.

Please tell us the combination of sizes you want to have on the order. We'll make two attempts to contact you to determine what is suitable for you and then deliver the appropriate sizes to you. If we do not hear from you within 3 days, we'll send one each of the various sizes available.  For further assistance, please contact us.


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